Providing a Custom Bra Making Service and More!!

Do you inwardly groan when you consider shopping for a new bra?
You already know that the various shops you will visit carry a vast selection of beautiful bras, but you also know that purchasing one that is the correct size and provides a proper fit for you can cause a quick end to shopping and a disgruntled drive home when your body type seems to play havoc with their sizing charts.

Retail bras come in a wide range of standard sizes, but no matter what size and shape we are, our bodies are by no means “standardized.” white corsetSo often we settle for a fit that is barely adequate, we know it will cause bruising, shoulder straps all over the place, no support and will instantly be cast off at the end of the day when one is able to do so. It is no surprise that 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra! It appears that not everyone knows what a good fit is, let alone what it looks and feels like.

A properly fitting bra should be supportive, cover most or the entire breast and be firmly comfortable. The breast should not bulge over the top of the cups or out the side. The bra should not ride up, the band should not roll and the straps should not cut into or fall off the shoulder. Underwires, if worn, should not poke, rub or bulge.

Women come in all different shapes and sizes. Very few women are the “perfect 38B” of industry standards, it is just accepted by the customer as their only choice. At Prairie Intimates we offer an alternative, the personalized service that only a custom bra maker can offer. At Prairie Intimates your measurements are taken and a pattern is drafted to fit the body that is uniquely yours. The bra is then custom made to fit YOU.

For health, comfort and fashion there is no other garment in your wardrobe of more importance to your physical and emotional well being than this all-important garment. My goal as a made-to-measure custom bra maker is to provide my clients with beautiful, properly fitted, supportive bras!!!!