Becky’s first recollection of “sewing” was waiting for her mom to exit the house to hang laundry out on the line and quickly sitting herself in front of the “sewing” machine and turning the hand wheel. All the possibilities flooded to mind of all the designer outfits her “Barbie” could be clothed in if she could convince her mom to let her turn on the machine!!!
In time and many simple projects later, Barbie was well clothed. It has been a love affair with the sewing machine since.


She married and had a home and a sewing machine of her own, three small children and sewing kicked up a notch. Home deco, many baby items, fancy girly dresses, mending hubbies work clothes, tents and any other project that a sewing machine could tackle.


During a time when hubby was injured at work her skills were put to work, first taking in contract sewing for an infant wear company, churning out preemie wear, then adding western rodeo shirts and then finally settling into working for a company starting out with first making hoodies and fleece pants for schools and then branching into hockey jerseys, flags, swim wear and anything else that came their way.


Over the years there were several moves thrown into the mix, homeschooling their three children took center stage for a time. Other interests included head cooking for 15 years at a children’s camp each summer up to three weeks, organizing a kitchen, with up to 5 other volunteers and feeding 200 hungry campers and staff. Becky also enjoyed a 5 year position with a Regina non-profit organization facilitating classes on nutrition, cooking, and budgeting.


But as all good things come to an end and as Becky was contemplating where the next chapter in life my take her, she returned home with her daughter after a discouraging bra shopping excursion and her husband casually remarked “You sew everything else, why can’t you sew bras?” It was a light bulb moment!!! It didn’t take too long of an internet search and an idea began to become a reality.


Becky took a basic bra class in the spring of 2005 and enjoyed this new challenge and was soon enrolled and on her way to Bra Makers Supply in Hamilton, Ontario and took the Professional Bramakers Course developed by Beverly Johnson. She also became certified as a Certified Bramaking Instructor and continues to expand her knowledge base and class selection offerings on an ongoing basis.


Becky is “ in the zone”  when she makes time to work on all the quilts calling her name, the never ending sewing projects for the grand babies, and dreaming about all the intimate apparel yet to be created.


She has enjoyed getting to know the many women she has crossed paths with since starting this exciting chapter, whether spurred on by the satisfied look of another client in a well fitting bra or the excited chatter and banter of a class of women sewing and creating their own creations really lends credence to her “light bulb moment  – And the Rest was History!!!!!”