Bra Making

Beginner Bra Class
2 day – $225.00
Make a bra that is custom fit to your body. You will be sewing a basic full band bra, (with or without wires) and fine tuning the fit so that you end up with Beverly’s Pin Up Girl pattern customized to your body. Once you have a basic bra that fits, you can make a second bra using lace to really strengthen your bra-making skills.  Pin Up Girls Pattern and kit for 1 bra are included in the class fee.


Shelley Designer Bra
1 day – $125.00
We use your bra pattern from the beginner class to draft the pattern for this bra, inspired by a $200 designer bra from Europe. We made it better and we make it to fit you. It has several features to make the bra supportive and just drop-dead gorgeous, including the four-piece cup, a lace upper cup and a power bra innovation that urges the girls forward. We’ve made this bra many times and it looks good on everybody. You need to have taken a beginner bra class and bring your pattern with you.


Partial Band Bra Class  
1 day – $125.00
Hungry for more bra-making classes? Why not stay an extra day after the Beginner bra-making class and make another style of bra? This underwired bra has no band under the cups, so it’s the minimum amount of bra. The construction is different from that of a full band, so there’s more learning. Bring your beginner bra class pattern with you. This is a great second bra for beginners.


Cut-and-Sew Foam Bra
1.5 days  –  $150.00
Almost everyone loves the concept of a foam bra. They cushion the bustline and provide a nipple-free look under clothes. But not everyone like the cups made of pre-formed foam cups. You can have a foam-lined bra that uses cut-and-sew foam lining on the interior of the bra cup. Using cut-and-sew foam allows you to use virtually any fabric, including stretchy fabrics you can’t use for a regular bra cup. We have tricks that allow the home sewer to cover her own cups and sew beautiful bras that rival ready-to-wear. You can choose from many different foam colours if you let us know ahead what colour you want! You must already know how to sew a bra – – no beginner bra-makers. Be sure to bring your bra pattern to class. Fee includes the foam and the materials to make one bra.


Foam Cup Bra 
1 day – $150.00
Everyone wants a seamless foam cup bra to wear under t-shirts! A foam cup bra is easy to make once you know the tricks of the trade. Learn to alter a band to fit foam cups, and see how rotation can greatly affect fit and shape. Finish the top edge with industry quality roll-over edges if you wish. Fee includes the foam cups, pattern and the materials. You should be familiar with the construction of a bra, or have taken a beginner bra class in order to attend this course.


Lace Lovers
1 day – $125.00
Still hungry for more bra design ideas? Learn the many ways lace can be used for bra making and how it can transform a bra from plain-Jane to drop-dead gorgeous! Lace does not need to be used all over – in fact, some of the nicest bras have just a touch of lace. Learn to make the most from your laces and apply them professionally. Bring your pattern from the first class with you as it is used for this class too.


Style Changes
1 day – $125.00
Vertical seams, diagonal seams, multiple piece cups – what style lines do YOU want in your bra? Learn to change your basic pattern into every style you want. After completion of the class, you should be able to look at a ready to wear bra and know exactly how to duplicate the style. In the morning, you will learn to change the style: in the afternoon, you will sew up and check the fit of the cup you designed. You must bring your basic bra pattern to the class. Advanced level.


Advanced/Beyond the Basic Bra Class
2 day – $225
Once you have mastered the construction of the basic bra, you are ready for the world of designer bras! Day One we will explore various ways to alter your basic bra pattern, how to change the neckline, lace options, strap variations, power bars, front bridge applications, band options, gothic arches, the list is endless. You will decide on a minimum of 2 techniques and using design sheets draw your design and retrace your basic bra pattern and alter it to reflect your new design, cut and sew your new and designed by you bra!!!


Clone your Favorite Bra
1 day – $125.00
You can have lots of copies of your favorite bra, by “cloning” the bra without taking it apart. Beverly’s exclusive method guarantees the best copy possible with the least amount of work. We spend the morning drafting the pattern from the original, and the afternoon making the bra. You may not finish the bra in class, however the body of the bra will be together and only need the elastics sewn on. You need to be familiar with bra-making techniques in order to take this class.


Sports Bra
1 day – $150.00
What does your sports bra do for you? If it doesn’t support your breasts and keep them from bouncing, then it really isn’t a sports bra! Experience life in a sports bra that actually supports you, and is pretty enough to wear alone while running or bicycling. The class offers your choice of either the Allison or the Kerri sports bra from Pin-up Girls. Neither one is difficult to make, as you will find out in this one day class. Pattern for your choice of sport bra is included in the price of the class. You will have other choices in this class – from binding vs. elastics on the edges and short or midriff versions.


Mastectomy Bra   
2 day – $225.00
If you or someone you care about has had a mastectomy and bra-making appeals to you, come to this two-day class where you will be making a bra with a built-in pocket. Making a pocket bra is not difficult once you know the tricks we use to make this bra appear as “normal” as possible. You need to have taken a bra-making course so you are familiar with the basic construction. You will also learn how to make a prosthesis for full or partial removal of the breast. Pattern will be drafted in the class for each student. If you are making a bra for someone else, she needs to come to this class to get measured before the class begins. Pattern and kit are provided.


The Bralette Class
1 day – $150.00
A bralette is the latest thing in casual living, loungewear and sleepwear – with good reason – the non-wired and unstructured bra is comfortable and easy to sew. There are several variations available including a longline, all lace, combination fabric and lace, even a winter version! All are easy to make. In this class you will get to choose your style from several variations and we will custom fit it to your body. You may even get a second one done in this class!

This is a course suitable to beginner bra-makers as the bralette is easier to sew than a regular bra. Pattern and materials for one bralette is included.