Custom Made Bras

Full Band Style: The full support bra for every day wear. Straps may be shaped or straight, with or without padding. Depending on size and client special needs this garment will be constructed with or without a wire. Comes with optional embellishment and in a variety of colours etc..

Partial  Band: Underwired Bra: Comfortable everyday bra with full coverage, underwire and back closure. Can be made with several strap designs, optional embellishments and in a variety of colours or fabric prints.

bobbin-sideOther style options: Once the client has received her first custom made bra many cup and band style modifications are available. These range from demi-cup to multi seamed (i.e. 3 piece) cups. Lace may be used for the entire cup or as an overlay etc.

Victorian Corsets: These timeless garments are making a comeback on world fashion runways. They are the bodice of choice for many bridal gowns as well as evening wear. Available in single or double layer construction with outer layer choices in many suitable fabrics (i.e. silk, leather, suede etc.)

Panties: Many style options are available. They will be made of any suitable fabric. May be embellished with lace or crystal closures. Let’s have fun and be creative! Great way to have your dream lingerie made-to-measure.


Swimwear: Previous bra clients are able to have a custom bra built into their swimsuit from their bra pattern. Otherwise a client can have a lined swimsuit without bra support. Suits are fully lined and can be made in many styles.