measureI do fittings either in my studio here in Sedley, SK which is 30 minutes SE of Regina or I will do fittings in Regina and will travel approximately 30 to 40 minutes in any direction from my home. I am situated on highway 33 for those driving in from Weyburn, Estevan, Redvers, Stoughton direction.
I am also available to visit seniors, those in assisted living situations etc.

What to Expect:

First Appointment:
Our initial appointment is a consultation that may take up to an hour. If you have not seen my work previously I will show samples that you can look at. I will talk about fabrics, styles and the structure of a bra. I work very closely with my clients and I like to take time to get to know you and discuss your particular needs.
During the first fitting I will be taking measurements of your chest area. I have pre-made fitting cups that I hold up to your naked breast which allow me to “pre-fit” my pattern cup sizes to you. I then draft “your” pattern using these measurements.

Second Appointment:

This appointment is usually approximately 30 minutes. At this time I will make any necessary alteration notes and then prepare for your next appointment.

Third Appointment:
For some individuals this is the last appointment and I am able to make any further small adjustments and then complete your bra for drop off/pick up. HOWEVER no two clients are the same, some ladies, due to special needs, may require extra fittings. This is part of the service I offer. It is my goal as a custom bra maker to provide my client with the best fit possible.
During this process I will have developed a pattern unique for your body. Your personal pattern will be used for the construction of future custom made bras. Orders may then be made by phone. After one year I would like to see you to check fit before making another bra. We will be able to make cup style changes or should you so desire, draft a custom swimsuit from this pattern. I will be able to make other bras in a wide range of colours, fabric prints, with or without embellishment. We can create the dream lingerie set for you by adding matching panties, camisoles, and/or slips.

The bra that I create, whether for day wear, a special occasion, sports, post surgical breast cancer or clone (copy) of an existing one from your wardrobe, will be designed specifically for you!!